Vaccine Creates Infertility for Depopulation Agenda

Saturday, 5.16.20

Youtube’s censorship of truthers’ videos has been going on for a while now. Many videos have been deleted, which led many Youtubers to move on to another website, where they can make their own videos without censorship. Lots of videos are post on here become deleted or taken down on Youtube at a later time. My post looks incomplete without that video I added for educational purposes. 

#1 The Final Solution

This video explains Bill Gates’ plan to sterilize the earth as well as inputting a microchip in each person so to control their every action. His wife wears an upside down cross, which is satanic. This video also lists names involved in this program, which includes Anthony Fauci.

Female vaccine creates infertility. Male vaccine will shrink testicles and creates infertility. This will be used to depopulate the earth.


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