Use Rain Checks And Coupons To Save Money

A rain check is a slip of paper that a business will give you when they are out of a product that you want, its a promise to sell it to you for the sale price even if it gets restocked after the sale is over. I adore my rain checks!

Since I taught myself to extreme coupon I learned the first things to getting what your household needs is by getting rain checks regardless whether you use coupons or not.

Here is one I did:

On July 1st. my favorite grocery store was out of the coffee that was on sale buy one get one free ( my store actually splits the price so if its $4.00, each rings up as $2.00 but its still only paying for one) but they were out so I asked for a rain check and got one, they are good for thirty days.

Since I had to work this past Saturday I took advantage of this rain check, with coupons and the competitor coupon for $5.00 that can only be used on Saturday. This equals even more savings!

I went in with the plan to get six of the eight o`clock coffee and two packs of smoked sausage but they were out of the sausage, so I got my sister here cat food, also on sale and used a coupon and a bag of chips that also were buy one get one free.

The coffee was normally $6.71 each = $40.26 for six bags

The Iams cat food was normally $6.99 each

The Lays chips were $4.29

Total with no sale or coupons was $51.54

Now lets take half off because everything was buy one get one free = $25.77

Now lets apply those coupons – $5.00 off $25.00 competitor coupon + $1.00 manufacturer coupon for each coffee ( $6.00)  + $2.50 manufacturer coupon for the cat food = $12.27!

There was a tax of $1.79

I paid $14.06 for $51.54 worth of goods.

That is how you shop with a rain check and coupons to max out all the benefits.

By Andria Perry

Photos By Andria Perry


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Written by Andria Perry

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