Unto the Third Generation – part 15

Sam and John, worked themselves into exhaustion.    For twenty years, beginning at the departure of Eric, they devoted their lives to the company.

They put up with David, the spoiled ‘baby’ brother, with their children and nieces and nephews, who felt the world owed them.

After a particularly unpleasant interlude Sam and John realised why Eric had left.   Why twenty years ago, Eric realised what it had taken them twenty years to learn.

They accumulated as much money as they could,  grabbed their pensions, sold everything they owned.

Acting as a unit, they handed their shares to their spoiled brats of children.  Children who knew nothing about hard work, nor cared  and left the city, as Eric had.    Left with no forwarding address.

They turned the business over to their children, ran away, and lived.

Their children, the Grandchildren of Edward Rashford,  who had never grown up, never worked, were easy marks for the unscrupulous.

These Grandchildren of Edward made bad decisions, worse investments, and spent more than they earned.

The companies created by Edward, their grandfather,  managed and prospered under Eric, were now falling apart.

Without Sam and John to do the ‘patching’ to try to maintain balance,  the companies were failing.  The children of Sam and John and David had to adapt to less extravagant life styles, living in less palatial residences, having less jewelry and possessions.

Yet,they still felt themselves ‘better’ than others, which made others hate them and take all opportunity to rip them off.


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Written by jaylar

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