United Airlines Michael Bullen’s Laudable Job

I have a friend. His name is Brad Green who is the Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Go Green Enterprise. He related his personal experience on Michael Bullen displayed a can-do attitude and a superior competence.

According to Brad Green, their United Airlines flight to Houston  on Airbus A320 won’t be realized as plan due to a mechanical trouble. That means their “trip of a lifetime” via a cruise on a luxurious Carnival Freedom along with their 200 qualified customers would be delayed or wouldn’t be possible.

Now, Michael Bullen, the  manager of logistics for United Airlines at Salt Lake City manifested an awesome job by attending to the needs of hundreds of passengers for the delay. And he was successful in saving the more than 200 travelers for their trip of a lifetime promo sponsored by the Southwest Plumbing Supply for this year 2018.

Read more on MIchael Bullen’s awesome job on resolving the dismal plight of those lucky Carnival Freedom cruisers.

photo credits: Brad Green


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Written by Gil Camporazo

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