The Swing of the Pendulum

It is a scientific fact that once a pendulum swings it goes up on the right side as high as on the left. Each swing is balanced and slowly the arc begins to decrease until it comes to a stop.

This is the basic;  ‘for every action there is an equal reaction’.

The difference between an object swinging and the sentiment of the public is that the reaction may not be equal.  It may be greater than the action.

This swing/counter swing s is how it has always happened.  Always will happen.

When a government goes ‘too far’  in one direction, it, or its people compensate by going ‘too far’ in the other direction. The chaos might be manageable, might not be.


To make up for the Holocaust Germany decided to prove to the world how open and humanitarian it was.   It flung open its borders and let people enter without the slightest’vetting’.


No country does this.   Even in the days when America took in ‘everyone’  there was a center on Ellis Island, where immigrants would be met, and screened.

But Angela Merkel, looking for a halo let in everyone.

Had she wanted her open door to be successful she would have build some kind of ‘Ellis Island’ so that those who attempted to enter would have been interviewed.

If she did it that way, perhaps much of the violence and anti-immigrant reactionwould have been less.


Now Europe is no longer welcoming. Many racist parties have sprung up and gotten a lot of followers.

Merkel’s policies caused this.



Although Barack Obama won two elections, the racists in America seethed.   They tried to block every plan he had, whether free health care, clean environment,things which made life better.   The fact of the Black Man in the White House was in the front of racist minds.


When the American racists got a chance they voted for the man approved by the Ku Klux Klan.

That everything Trump has attempted to do harms the working class, he is White.  That his incumbency only benefits the rich doesn’t  matter.  He is White.


There is another feature to his Presidency which will unravel in time;  his total ignorance of reality.

Since World War II

Europe was devastated.  It needed America, which, as other nations in the Western Hemisphere, had not been damaged by the war.


Argentina, for example,  became prosperous selling beef to the world.  This ‘monopoly’ began to fade in the Sixties.

Japan, which had been revamped by America began producing products which were filling shelves.  Radios,stereos, television were now ‘made in Japan’, not America.

European nations didn’t need to import very much as they were self sufficient in many areas.

China stepped onto the market in the 1980s, but focused on Africa and small nations, so that few noticed what was happening.

As time passed, in 3rd Worldnations, everything came from China.

The Invasion


The invasion of cheap Chinese goods continued into America.  Today, America imports more from China than China needs to import from the America.  China has a lot of markets.

If America doesn’t buy from China, the price of goods for Americans rises as American made goods are much more expensive.  The prices for the rest of the world, which doesn’t import from America, won’t be effected.


China could, conceivably, import more from America, but why?   It’s economy is doing fine.  It doesn’t need America produce or manufactured goods.  It can buy from other markets.  And it can sell to other markets.

If need be, it can drop it’s production a few percentages, nothing major.  Call a work holiday every month.

Having Trade Wars, leaving the World Trade Organisation may seem terrifying to those who don’t appreciate that the world can exist with America.

This isn’t 1948, it isn’t even 1958. This is 2018, where even sh*thole countries can build their own factories and manufacture their own goods.


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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