The New Chairman – part 3

I didn’t have to spell it out for Ken, just wait until he added the numbers.

When you work for a Boss from Hell, who spends every available minute insulting you and making your life harder, either you walk off the job without saying a word, push him out of a window, or do things you wouldn’t want included in a resume.

A number of non-contracted workers walked off the job without a word within weeks of the arrival of the Boss from Hell.  Exactly what we would have done if we weren’t under contract.

As they hadn’t informed the accounting department or HR they were leaving, their pay envelopes would arrive each Friday.

The Boss from Hell, in one of his first stupid moves, thinking to save money by not writing cheques for what he named as ‘casual’ workers,  would have raw cash counted and placed in an envelope addressed to the employee and sent to the respective Departments.

Seeing the envelopes; realising that ‘no one’ knew these people were gone, we took them.

In every department a number of employees were made ‘casual workers’ meaning no sick leave, no vacation pay, nothing. As they didn’t want to stay under his regime, they didn’t argue, they  left.

We took the envelopes.


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