The Mistake – 4

She was sorry to leave him, wished that they could have spent more time together, but this wasn’t a date. Not yet.

She got through the weekend, wishing he called her, but she didn’t have his number, nor did he have her’s.

On Monday they greeted each other as if a month had passed, not two days, and decided to do their ‘reconnaissance’, that is talking to others, getting their opinions, then  meet at the coffee shop after work to go over strategy.

She thought of him all day, and NOT just as a co-worker or co-conspirator.

Many of the employees felt as they did about these new rules, some bringing up points that neither she nor Jeremy had considered.

After work, at the coffee shop they were exuberant about their information gathering, going over how many people they spoke with, the new ideas to be included in their ‘response’ to the new rules.

They spoke easily, as if they had known each other forever.

He said and he would put it together and email her tonight. They exchanged addresses and left the coffee shop taking their separate ways home.

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