Tales of a Troubleshooter – Phone Slave

In the previous article;    I described how the powerless employee exerts power by causing dissension and punishing guests and clients.

I give the various examples names which makes it easier for me to define them.

In the first I mentioned Marta or Martin.

In this article I will talk about Keisha (Keith).

Usually stationed at the front desk, this is the person clients/guests see when they enter.  This is the ‘face’ of your business.

Keisha (Keith) is usually distracted, on the phone, ignoring those standing in front of her/him.  Unable to ask the called to hold a minute, unable to even see the persons in front of her/him.  Keisha/Keith create a sour taste in the mouth of those on whom the business relies.

In some cases, a person, standing in front of the babbling clerk will walk out.  Many people have more than one ‘possible’.

For example, there are five lawyers in this building.  The potential walks into this office, Keisha is on the phone.  The potential expects her to say, “Please hold a moment…”  into the phone, and speak to him/her.  When this doesn’t happen in the first ten seconds, it is likely the potential goes to another lawyer.

Some may wait twenty seconds, but the walking out is the same.

In businesses where the Keisha/Keith is  a cashier, stealing becomes almost standard.   The diner or the shopper will approach to pay.   Keith is on the phone, blind to the person before him, who walks out without paying for the meal or the item.

The damage is compounded, of course, when Keisha or Keith are on a personal call.

In such a business there should either be someone who answers the phone, or the employee must be taught that the person in front of them gets priority.


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