Tales of a Troubleshooter – Downsizing

Many  businesses have to downsize, that is, get rid of as many employees as possible without effecting the fundamentals of the business.

As an analogy, if a supermarket is going to stop selling meat, it gets rid of the butchers and those who work in the meat packing section. ‘

However,  if the supermarket is not closing a section but needs to cut its staff because of economic problems,  is not as simple.

One  doesn’t just fire one person from each section or think of last  hired/first fired.  This is pointless and often arbitrary.

Some  people do more than they are paid for, some do less   Some are  central and some are periphery.  Learning who is who would require a very hands on manager who knows each personally.

In firms with more than fifty employees, this is not as simple as it sounds.  Keeping the right people and trimming the wrong ones is a skill.

Yet,  at a major concern, which had over three hundred employees, the culling went smoothly.

This is because  there are a few common sense methods to determine who is necessary and who is not.  Who is doing their job and who is not.


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