Tales of a Trouble Shooter – 105 – (end)

Always listen to the Trouble Shooter.   NEVER  justify, or explain. The Trouble Shooter knows what s/he has seen and heard from the bowels of your business.    

Think about what you are told and implement it, even on a ‘trial’ or ‘limited’ basis.   If you can’t, then take some kind of action to alleviate the problem.

If, in the unlikely scenario it doesn’t work  one can go back to the previous situations.  

Dismissing what you are told by a Troubleshooter, a person who is there to help you and your business,  is ridiculous.

It is like going to a doctor, getting a diagnosis and ignoring it.

In that case, it is your business,  It is your pocket.  Pay Attention.



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Written by jaylar


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