Stole dress from shop and get a reward

London: The mistress of a big shop in the UK and a large shopkeeper in Britain has requested specialists to steal clothes from her shop and Keep three of these clothes with you and earn ($ 64) per hour for your effort. The owner of this shop has kept a condition, That she would ask this expert thief, that how did he steal things? So that she try to reduce theft by increasing store security, because she is very disturbed by theft stealing precious clothes in routine.

The lady has also advertised regular employment in that case. According to the agreement, successful candidates will have to visit several times a week and after the theft the full report of the stolen goods will be required. The thief will also have to tell how he stole the goods.

The woman said that she has suffered a lot of damage in Christmas days, especially for every year since Christmas and now she want to remove their weaknesses with the help of specialists thief. According to the lady, store day night remains open in November and due to heavy rush, it is impossible to look at each person.


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