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We may as well keep going.  The story continues with this.

‘The group rushed the door. “How dare you?” they said again and again.

On a steamy day in the capital on Thursday, there was singing, chanting and rage as several thousand protesters, most of them female, made a late stand against the nomination of Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

Chanting “Whose court? Our court!” and “We believe survivors,” they marched to the Supreme Court in a demonstration that began with emotional testimonials by sexual assault survivors on the steps of the court and culminated in a sit-down protest in a nearby Senate office building that generated scores of arrests.

The demonstration was part of a raucous, urgent effort to influence deliberations in the tightly patrolled Capitol two blocks away.’

My focus went directly to “We believe survivors.” For me, personally, that statement is not true, it never rings true. I would say “I believe proven survivors.”

Mz Ford, did not convince me that she was a victim of a crime committed by the accused. Here are some glaring facts that made me consider her facts fuzzy enough that she had no real idea who tried to touch her, underneath her one piece bathsuit, layed on top of her and covered her mouth. (Please note I am not questioning that she believes this happened.)

  1. She could not identify the house where she lived.

  2. She named people at the party, 100% of those name said it didn’t happen.

  3. She could not identify the house where the said attack took place.

  4. She takes legal advice from “beach friends”.

  5. She, an esteemed professor, didn’t have any idea how to contact her congressman, but new how to protest and be part of the resistance marches.


What do you think?


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