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This morning, on a suggestion, my brother sent me to a website to read some “news”. The first place he sent me was here.

He knows I am not a huge fan of Senator Hatch and I assume that is why he directed me this way. I carefully read the whole article. It started out like this.

“— It started almost plaintively. “Why aren’t you brave enough to talk to us?” a protester demanded of Senator Orrin G. Hatch, Republican of Utah, as he waited for an elevator in a Senate office building on Thursday.” 

 Immediately, the picture that came into my mind was Senator Flake cornered in an elevator by women paid to scream at him in front of cameras. I thought as much as Senator Hatch gets under my skin, I would have security around as well.

The very next exchange according to the report was this “Mr. Hatch, shielded by aides, waggled his fingers dismissively at her. “Don’t you wave your hand at me!” she responded. “I wave my hand at you!”

Mr. Hatch waved her off yet again, telling her and other protesters that he would talk to them “when you grow up.” They exploded in fury.

I am not sure what the thought pattern was for Senator Hatch. Was it “children yell and adults speak to each other one at a time so they can actually have a conversation?” I have been known to say that, but Senator Hatch has never responded to any of my queries, so I assume he doesn’t bother to read them.

The next exchange I found to be more concerning to me, as a woman.

“How dare you talk to women that way!” the woman said, as Mr. Hatch retreated to the back of the elevator car, then, grinning from behind his aides, waved off the women a final time.”

What part of equal rights did I miss? If I want to be treated just like a man, why do I want to spoken to differently because I am a woman. I see a problem here. If we are going to put a whole gender into a box, which seems like the goal, then our individuality is tossed out the window. I believe I would have been more comfortable with “How dare you talk to a human that way!” 

Sadly that’s just the first few paragraphs of the article.


What do you think?


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