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How To Select a Product on Clickbank

If you are a ClickBank affiliate then you have to select a good product that sells. For this purpose, it is essential to be familiar with some numbers associated with each product on sale. When you have decided on the product category here are the steps involved to achieve success.  If you understand this right then you are a winner. Observe the numbers next to the arrows in blue.

$/sale indicates the average net amount earned per sale per affiliate. This is the net earned per actual sale and so it is affected by charge backs, refunds etc. Go for a minimum of twenty dollar per sale to make it worthwhile for your effort. When the product costs fifty dollars and the commission is set at fifty percent then you should be getting around twenty dollars for each deal.

On the other hand, if $/sale shows something that is lesser than the set commission, it could be an indication that there are lots of refunds hence the figure is low.  It is also possible that the product owner did change the selling price in the earlier period. %/sale indicates the average percentage of commission earned per sale per affiliate and %refund indicates fraction of product owner’s total sales which the affiliates have referred.

Aim for a product with at least fifty percent as percentage per sale and the refund percentage as seventy to ninety percent. These numbers suggest that there are affiliates promoting the product and the commission is adequate. Grav or ‘gravity’ is a measure of the number of affiliates who have sold at least one product within the last thirty days period.

A product with fifty to hundred for ‘gravity’ indicates that there are a handful of affiliates promoting the product but is not adequately competitive. Therefore it is a positive sign that the product is in demand and it will be profitable for you to promote. On the other hand for certain niches even a high gravity of two hundred can still be profitable since the demand is huge but most niches do not behave in this manner.


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