Retail Stores Continue to have problems…

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Forever 21 and Topshop brands are bankrupt. I was already aware that Forever 21 was having issues. But I didn’t know that Topshop, which is in big department stores, is also having bankruptcy problems. This brand has cute trendy clothes for young people, from teenage to thirties. So, I am surprised.

Forever 21 failed its business model. This brand will just become smaller, and its suppliers won’t get paid.

UK-based Primark is doing well. It is a similar brand to Forever 21 and Topshop. It sells the latest trends at very cheap prices. But this brand keeps opening new stores.

H&M is also having business problems.

Barney’s New York is also bankrupt—but it is high-end and expensive.

Therefore, they are all having issues trying to survive in business, although most are struggling and very few are actually making it, in whichever way it can.


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