When Resilience is Needed – Limited Challenges

Limited Challenges

Individuals are ascending or descending a never-ending staircase that means they are going nowhere fast. They are going through the motions, moving forward but are not making any progress. There appears to be no escape. It doesn’t matter if the individual goes up or down the staircase, as the situation does not change over time. Over time this can lead to boredom or frustration through lack of challenge.

Images of Resilience - Limited Challenges

Examples of questions you might use when coaching around limited challenges.

– Many situations that we find ourselves in are very routine. They can lead to boredom or frustration.  How do you react when there is a need for change?

– How can you improve your experience within your current situation? How aware are others of your feelings in this situation? How aware is your manager of your feelings in this situation? What support can they offer?

– How well does the system lend itself to change?

– What incentives are there for people to put in more effort? What opportunities are there for creativity, innovation and doing things in new ways? What opportunities are there for self-development and growth? How can you put your existing skills and experience to use?

– What opportunities are there for you to stretch yourself and take on more responsibility? How much are your talents recognised by others? What opportunities are there for you to gain new experiences and skills? What opportunities are there for you to work in a new area or take on more responsibilities? What can you do to stretch yourself and gain new skills?

– How can you bring more fun and excitement into your life? How can you involve others in a more active way within your current situation? What can you do to use them in a positive, proactive way? How can you create a more stimulating environment for yourself and for those around you?

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Find out more about resilience in “The Authority Guide to Emotional Resilience in Business” by Robin Hills.


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  1. Your questions have me churning Robin. I often try coping with repetition by spreading it out, but there are times that doesn’t work.

    Bringing more fun into your life is a great suggestion, I have in the past tried to do that for boring tasks, it isn’t always easy but it does make the work lighter!

    Great post as always!


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