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Quest For Toilet Continued…

Wednesday, 4.8.20

I decided to go to Walmart at 2 pm. Walmart is crowded with people. I noticed they still get toilet paper, but it goes by fast in the morning hours. So, I need to get to Walmart at 6 am, but wait after the old people to go inside. Now, I need to set my alarm for 5am to make sure I will wake up early enough, get dressed, eat something, and drive there, which isn’t far. Since not many people are currently working, there shouldn’t any morning traffic either. This is ridiculous. 

I did get two pairs of compression socks because my two black pairs are wearing out, and they have a hole in them. 

I dropped by the gas station, and I noticed it was quiet. There were no other cars there. I didn’t have to wait my turn, which was cool. I put some gas in my car for errands, since there is nothing else to do but groceries, Target, or Walmart. 

Sad, there is no malls to browse in and walk through, even for window-shopping…


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