Power – 8

Take this situation.

The new President of the Group is part owner of a particular restaurant.  The group previously had two sisters, who were members,  prepare the meals.

The President, to fatten his pockets, decided to get rid of the sisters.

He could have had some big ‘Thank You’ benefit and ‘retire’ them, but they probably wouldn’t retire as they were committed to the group.  

Instead, he set  a function at a hotel whose owners he knew, so got the venue for virtually nothing, and had his company do the meal.

He then had  a few pals  fill the ears of the sheep, who then ran around bragging about how good the food was, how much better than usual, (it really wasn’t).

The sisters were insulted, as he intended.   They decided they would never cater again and quit the group.  Hence forth the President’s company got the contract for the meals.

The President made sure that every meeting would cost the group a chunk of change

Most of the members had no idea that the catering had changed, and when it did couldn’t understand why the sisters had ‘quit’ and left the group.


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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