Plan B

I had planned a busy day on Virily. I was going to share all the new posts. Read posts. Make comments. Write. I had some outlines  read. I was prepared and then

The site dropped. The need to be busy quickly changed to other activities. For the first few hours I kept checking to see if the site had come up. After five hours I completely gave up.

I had a productive day. The kitchen is cleaned. The sheets are all washed and the beds all changed. I crocheted a couple of dishcloths and finished the ironing.

I then made a list of things that I would have done if Virily had been my site. I would have jumped on FaceBook and Twitter and let people know what was going on. I would have sent emails. I would have done it from my phone if that was my only option.

I went to my twitter account and deleted every single tweet. I won’t have my reputation ruined because my links reach no content. It has been happening far too much.

Then I moved forward. I contacted some of my experts.  l looked into what I needed as far as business licenes and such. I set up a meeting for Monday and I am excited. I am enthused. I have the experience. I have the equipment. I have the determination. 


What do you think?

Written by Ghostwriter