NWO Agenda Explained

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Ole Dammegard talks about what JFK was planning on doing before he was assassinated because he suddenly became against the New World Order agenda and the Zionist mafia’s plan to destroy the world.

He talks about the making of false flags.

The are leaving clues in subtle ways in predictive programming, and if the public doesn’t pick up on it and do something about, then they deserve what is coming next on their New World Order agenda.

Inside jobs by NATO and Gladio, blamed on terrorist groups and backed by the Zionist Media.

One World fascist state, One World army to control the earth, and One World currency.

Sweden is cashless now?

Secret Societies and Illuminati to destroy the earth, and start their New World Order. Depopulating the earth via toxic vaccines, and then microchipping people for cashless society and virtually control everyone as slaves. One World Religion without God as well as AI and digital technology to control the earth because the Illuminati worships Satan.


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