Not This Time – 3

Evan learned his Ex-Wife, Maura, held a big position at a  particular Company.    He would apply for a position.  Not apply as Evan Garby,   but   as  Evan Smith-Garby to hide the connection.  

Knowing how to play people, how to say the right thing, he  was hired and  began to work in a different department than his ex-wife.

During his first two weeks he  avoided  Maura.  She had no idea he was on the third floor.

He didn’t take the elevator, always arrived early so as not to see her in the lobby or garage.  He parked a block away, outside the diner where he took his breakfast.

While at work he made friends with everyone.    To avoid possible intersects, Evan ate lunch in his office.  After work he’d get far from the building, just in case one of the nearby spots was popular with the staff.

His purpose was to have a ‘history’ at the Company before he ‘found out’ Maura was working there. He had to totally eradicate any thought that he had taken a job at this Company to connect with her.


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