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Nobody Likes You – 4

Lily turned on the television to catch the  news.  

Her parents would eat dinner early, then watch the news.  The news was all they watched, all Lily was allowed to watch.   

As she came home shortly before the news came on her schedule was different, she would eat her dinner after watching.

In those childhood days, after the news she went to her room to do what homework she hadn’t completed then read ahead until 9:00 when it was lights out.

She would fall asleep, wake up early the next morning, shower, eat, dress and be on her way to school, often arriving early. She would sit on the benches outside, (weather permitting)  and go over her school work.

If the weather was inclement, she would go into the cafeteria sitting far from the other students, focusing on her school work.   She was at school to do her work, and today, was at work to  work.

She had not attended school to make friends or have fun, she was there to learn.   She was not at work to socialise she was there to do her work, and often took work home.

As a  child, weekends had been reading, sometimes going out with her parents to museums or concerts.  Weekends now were shopping, reading, sometimes going to a museum or concert.

The pattern her parents created when she was a child followed her to adulthood.


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