Businesswoman standing alone at cubicle in empty office

No Body Likes You – 12 – (end)

Lily returned to work the next day.  Some coworkers were hung over,  laughing and happy, as conversations flowed.

Not being part of it, Lily went to her cubicle to do her work.

One by one, her coworkers left to attend the wedding.  Lily, who never noticed other people, was unaware she was alone in the office.

When it was quitting time, as she rose and  looked around, she slowly realised she was the only one there. She looked at the clock but it was just a few minutes past quitting time.

It was a puzzle.

Lily wondered where everyone had gone.  She forgot it was Zenobia’s wedding and they had been invited.  

Lily had no idea  some left at noon, others an hour later. No one said a word to her any more than they would speak to the coffee urn.

It was Friday evening. Lily walked home, carrying work with her, because in her life there was, and likely to be, nothing else.



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