Never A Good Time

I know most people have heard others say ” Just do it” but deep within our minds we say how? With what money? What about failure and losing the money I invested?  when the procrastination begins, those reasons why you can`t start the new business that you have dreamed of for so many years.

I know! I have been right there in that position. But there is still hope, you just have to change how you think, how you look at things and last, how you manage your money.

The Money Is Not There

Seems in the world we live in there is never enough money to do everything we want to do, not enough to pay all the bills, not enough to pay the doctor and dental bills, having children and all they are wanting. Its enough to give up and say “forget about my dreams!”

So its “Never” a good time? Right?

When you are at this point its time to exam how you look at life.

Looking At Things

You are working your but off and still there is never enough to go around and those dreams of your own are slipping away with each dollar you can`t seem to save, year after year.

Well, you are not enjoying ” Those things!” You are working yourself to death for …… what?


You wake and clean those things, You go to work to get a pay check to buy more things.Not vacations, not time with the children, nope! just things, stuff, junk that clutters your life, squeezing the life from you every second of the day.

You are stressing about doctor bills and dental problems. You eat because of the stress and now you are over weight with more medical issues, maybe you smoke more cigarettes due to the stress and now you cough and have even more medical issues, drinking alcohol to wind down from all the stress to keep this life moving on and on in the same cycle.

No dreams left to dream, no money and no time for a business of my own.

Sound a little like your life?

Are you ready to get back to your dream for life?

Time to learn how to think 

Breaking into the your own business will take will power and learning to stay in control of your household = children and your money. Giving you and only you power.

That is right do not allow money to control you, YOU control your money.

Begin a budget and only write down what you have to have to live.

This means house payment/ rent, power, water, food and medications.

Next is car and insurance.

Everything else is a luxury.

I can see your face now and those thoughts, what about my phone and internet and dist, netflix, hulu and red box. What about my books?! Clothes?

What about McDonald`s and starbucks?

I never said it was easy! I said its doable! its all about how bad you want it, how far will you go to make your live dream come true, its totally up to you.

Control your money!

Okay lets start easy, everyday you stop for that coffee and you pay, hmm, lets say $5.00 a cup. Why not buy a bag of coffee and make it at home, you got sugar and cream, want vanilla coffee add some flavor. Invest $5 for a “bag” of coffee that will last more than a week, a can of cream thats $1, sugar $2.50 max a bag, flavor $1, all for under $10 and its gonna last well over a week.

7 X $5.00 = $35.00 make your own $10

$25.00! put that in a savings account each week.  SEE what I am saying! You controlled that money sooooo good.

Same with Dish t.v. they continue to raise the price, where it was $25 for a year now its almost $100 a year. I do get that some people has to keep a t.v. for the children or the spouse, so call them, or go online and pick the flex packages. I cut my Dish bill from $88 down to $45 but cutting out what I do not watch, it was there and I never watched those channels.  I saved almost half. Put that into a savings account each month.

I read, I love books! I was a book hoarder, I bought and bought books, new and used. I loved books so much I was broke and still looking for more books to buy, even when I had plenty I had not read.

Do not do that!

Sell all those books you have read, put that money in a saving a account. Go to the library and its all FREE! Books, movies, internet… all free. For adults and children.

You just saved a bundle! put that in the saving account.

Now do you get the idea of controlling your money? You have not gave up a thing, you have just changed how you pay for it, sometimes its free.

See! now you have how much in that savings account? $145.00 without the cost of free reading.

Getting Your Dream Started

The first thing I did with my new online store with the thought came to me was….. I told no one.

That is right, I kept it to myself.

Rule one : zip it up!

When you talk about your dreams there will always be someone there to name off 12 reasons why you should NOT follow your dream. And I will say the first will be “Where will you get ALLLLLL that money to do that?”

Not only all the negative feedback but you will have that so called friend sabotage you, you will not see it coming either!

Rule two : Check things out

Next look into what it will take to run your business, do you need licenses or inspections in your city, or state? Be prepared before you begin to buy a thing.

Rule three : Spending the money

Do not think about the amount it will cost for the big picture. Start with buying a few things at a time and store those in a tub. Each time you save from NOT spending add something to your dream, put it in that tub.

Be sure to shop around, if you order online make the best of free shipping.

Rule four : Pick the right time

DO not pay for an online store site till you have products made and tested, or if you are buying and reselling make sure you have a nice inventory. Because from the moment you click that button you are spending money and when we spend money making a business, we want to have money coming in to cover that cost.Can you see your dream?

Now you can launch your online store, or a physical store all by yourself.  All because you took control of your money.

No its never a good time or a perfect time, but you can make it when you chose to do so. I never told anyone till I was up and running and selling products. When asked ” what is that?” I explained it was a project I am trying, I just got a shoulder shrug and an “Okay”

By Andria Perry

Photos By Andria Perry

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Written by Andria Perry

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