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January 2020 Ending

My January ended with attending two business workshops. This UCI The Cove event is the second one. I checked it out to get some ideas for my novel-writing business. I liked the decor of white wooden lounge chairs, firepit, and wooden surfboards podium. It is so SoCali.

It was interesting event. But what also interesting was the cali weather, which felt very coastal. The early morning weather was very chilling, while the 1 pm weather was sunny and warm. And, it got cold again in the evening hours. 

I checked out the upcoming events, but I don’t think any of them are useful for me. 

I enjoyed a continental breakfast and luncheon while chatting with different people.

Most people were there for startup business networking. I was mostly thinking about growing my novelist lifestyle into maybe a business.

I have switched to decaf coffee, green tea and herb tea, as well as trying to load up on fruits, veggies and water, mostlyn for hydrating purposes. 


What do you think?

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