More World Protests About Plandemic and Cornyflu

Sunday, May 17, 2020

I woke up at 11 am, but lounged for a while. Then, I got up to feed Gumby and take my vitamins. When I turned on the computer, it was 12:12pm. as life continues in One World Lockdown of Prison Planet, more and more people protests for their freedom and rights as well as many truther videos are deleted from Youtube because it exposes the truth about the propaganda and lies circulating throughout the Zionist Media and society.

#1 Coronavirus: Why did YouTube ban my video?

This man, a doctor, Dr. Vernon Coleman, recently did a video about the corona-thing to explain the through about it because the media promotes it with propaganda and lies to further their New World Order agenda. But his video was recently deleted by Youtube.

His video is called, Why You Are Now in Danger, and the information is on his website,

I skim his article, based on his banned video on Youtube, and he explains that this Coronavirus is “far less deadly than a mild strain of the flu” as well as most of the people who were stated to have died from Coronavirus had other issues, and would have died from something else. They were just placed with the corona-thing deaths to make it appear as a plague for propaganda purposes. Again, it mostly affects the elderly and already sick people. The important thing to remember that it is a MILD FLU, like any flu you have gotten throughout your life.

I notice from his website that his video about social distancing was also deleted on Youtube. He states that social distancing propaganda is about creating distrust, hate, and fear among people in society, as well as preventing people from uniting together as a group to protest the Zionists’ lies, New World Order agenda, toxic vaccines, and microchip.


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