More Troubleshooting Tips – Overview

There are soft or sore spots in every business.   You have to find them, or hire someone to find them.

What can seem trivial may be crucial.

The clerk who ignores the customer because she’s on the phone, doesn’t lose that one customer, can lose the family and friends of that person.

The worker who barks at the client or guest, doesn’t insult one person.

Think of it.  You are at this restaurant, you see someone wiping a table, ask a question, get a sharp response, walk out.

You go somewhere else, and mention it to the polite server;  “I was at Other Place and….”

People at the other tables hear, repeat.

That one gal, wiping that one table, snapping at one person, is now public knowledge, so everyone who hears it will tell everyone else.

I’m going to list a few real life events that have cost commercial enterprises custom, and in  some cases, the entire business.


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