More Trouble Shooting Tips – 89

The BBC has cut the budget of the World Service.  It is obvious.  Too obvious.

Instead of live news, there are recordings.  A newsreader might start a fresh page at 10 pm (GMT) and go for about  6 minutes.  At 10:30 that recording is repeated, save interviews and extra information is cut so that it runs for 2 minutes.

The recordings made at 10 pm and 10:30 are rerun at 11 at 12; save and except if some huge story breaks, that recording continues to run.

In this way, the BBC thinks it is ‘saving money’.  It does not realise that the public is aware of the corner cutting.

The example of the BBC need to be examined and translated to match your business.

In short, if you are failing, if your company has hit a hard spot, be very careful NOT to make it obvious.


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