More Trouble Shooting Tips – 87

When one has to downsize, moving to Part Time employment for most of the staff is the best first step.  

If the supermarket is open from 8 am to 9 pm, have a few cashiers and baggers arrive at 8 am and leave at 12.  

The morning session may be one of least busy.

If there are ten cash registers, utilising 3 might be enough.  Have the managers, those who stand and look, ordered to take a cash register if there is a crowd.

In this way, the managers do more than push paper, talk on the phone, and wait.

Another set  of part timers can begin work at 11 am and leave at 3.  This should be a busier time so this shift has more people.

Another group arrives at 2 and leaves at 6.   

There can be ‘overlapping’ shifts, for example,  an 12 to 4  and a  5 to 9,  depending on how busy the supermarket gets in the evening.   A few can be the basic ‘full time’ but most on four hour shifts.

The cost of the part timers is less than full timers and they become daily paid.  In this way some money is saved.


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    • When you have to downsize you can’t let your customers know. In this way, instead of having 10 cashiers and 10 baggers from 8 to 4, you can have 2 Cashiers and 2 Baggers arrive at 8 2 more arrive at 9 and depending on the crowd be able to manage


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