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More Trouble Shooting Tips -85

When there must be cutbacks they should be ‘invisible’.  

Using a supermarket as an example;  the customers know there are cashiers and baggers, and have seen some shelf packers.  They don’t know how many managers/supervisors/backroom people there are.

The first cuts should be to management.  Pare down the supervisory staff.   If one can not fully dispense with them, they will have to enlarge their duties to ‘stand by’  so that when there is a crowd they take the cash register, pack shelves, even be baggers.

Although it seems ‘simple’ to cut cashiers and baggers and shelf packers, the lowest paid workers is senseless. Getting rid of one supervisor often covers the salary of two cashiers and a bagger.

As the customer doesn’t see the supervisor or interacts with him/her but does know the cashiers and baggers, keeping them to give the sense of continuity is first choice.   Those that leave do not need to be replaced if a supervisor can fill in.

The whole point is to not let a customer know there are cut backs.


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Written by jaylar

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