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More Trouble Shooting Tips – 73

A supermarket opened in the late 1960s.  It was the only such venue for five miles.  

It gained a good deal of business, and prospered.

By the 1980s it did not see itself as part of the community but as owning it.  The owners treated their customers poorly.  As far as the Owners were concerned, the customers were serfs.

But by the 1980s many people had cars and worked in other areas where there were other supermarkets. Many would do their shopping after work at one of these other places.

Business began to decline.

The owners could have implemented various policies.  They could have been nice, they could have rewarded good customers.  But they didn’t.

When custom began to fall, they could have made an attempt to regain their customers, but didn’t.  

Shortly after, the owners were forced to sell the supermarket before it bankrupted them.


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