More Trouble Shooting Tips – 43

One of the greatest losses is when a business undertakes ‘improvements’   which force it to close.

In some cases, ‘reopening’  is a waste of time.  The closure for  ‘improvements’ precedes bankruptcy or  sale.

If improvements, even necessary maintance or repair is planned, wisest to work through the night, pay extra for weekends or holidays, to limit the closure during ‘business’ hours.

When a  customer sees the business is closed, s/he goes somewhere else.

Many go and stay.  

Most customers have no connection to the business.   They stop at this petrol station because it is on their way.   If it is closed, they stop at that one.

It is no ‘loss’ for the customer.    It is a shrug.   If it is the ‘only’ one and the customer is put to difficulty, having to get a lift to some station to get petrol in a container and carry it home so they can drive out, the annoyance they have experienced makes them ‘anti’ that business.

A few customers, seeing their ‘usual’ venue closed, might come back the following day. If it is still closed, they go somewhere else, and likely not return.  

Be wary of closing for ‘improvements’.  


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