More Trouble Shooting Tips – 42

The previous article ties into the mistakes business operators make in creating particular rules and regulations.

In the article referred to, I mentioned a supermarket having a ‘deli’ section.   This was it’s own little corner, with it’s own counter, servers, and cashier.  

The cashier and servers were often missing from that area.

I would go behind the counter and take what I wanted and carry it to another cashier.

Although I mentioned the need for more staff, this wasn’t done. Instead of  reorganising the ‘deli’ area to insure it was always staffed,  it passed a Rule that  a purchaser had to pay for the items from the deli  section there; not at the other cashiers.

This means, if one had the item, the other cashiers inferred it had been paid for it at the deli counter.

These ‘rules’  can be used against the business.

Once one has the item, it is assumed paid for.  So….?


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