More Trouble Shooting Tips – 21



A good trouble shooter must spend an entire day, moving around the business to note where staff is needed and where it is unneeded.

Too many managers/supervisors whose main job is to merely sit and look until approached, is a waste of time and money.

Often, one person is placed in charge of a particular counter.  When that person takes a break, no one is in charge of that counter.   There must be a ‘fill in’, a manager or supervisor who instantly steps in until the employee returns.

Having two persons assigned to that counter might be a bit much, unless the second is a floater, going where needed.

In this way, the customers are not subjected to delays or take their business elsewhere.

For reality is this, unless one has the only shop in miles, there is always another place to go, and if customers goes to place two… will they return?


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