Messing Up – Lateness

Amy   rang her potential employer.  They were to meet at 2 pm and it was 2:05 and the employer was not on site.

“Where are you?”  demanded Amy.

“On my way, should be there in thirty minutes.”

“You told me Two.”


“Well, I can’t wait.” Amy snapped and hung up.

The potential employer looked at her phone, shook her head, and skipped the meeting.

The next day Amy rang her potential employer to find out if another meeting would be set.

“No, it is alright, I’ve already filled the post.”  

Amy was annoyed.  How dare she be kept waiting and now told the post was filled.

If this was the only time the ego of Amy overrode every other consideration, it would be an error. But Amy’s ego always took the lead, which is why she was almost permanently unemployed.


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Written by jaylar

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