Labor Day Sale

Monday, 9.7.20

Today, the weather was nice outside, but my bedroom upstairs was stuffy. I decided to check out the Labor Day sale at IKEA, SCP, & Saks Outlet. I found a kitchen organizer, small pots I needed, and bedroom organizer for good prices. Then, I went to Victoria’s Secret, where I got a sports bra, cotton underwear, and short PJs. The sports bra wasn’t on sale, but I need it because I wear it a lot for outdoor activities, as well as at the gym if it ever reopens again.There also was a good sale at the Saks Outlet. I got a couple of items. I returned home at 6 pm. After dinner, I put together two of my IKEA organizers. I will do the other one tomorrow.

The mall was active again, but there were long lines everywhere. IKEA was even more crowded. There was a long line to enter, but it was moving fast. I was standing in long lines everywhere today. 

I did a lot of walking all over. 

Inside of my garage feels cool, but inside of my townhouse feels stuffy. 


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