How to Get into a Company and Have a Big Career Growth

Did you know that companies that develop their employees professionally have a 34% higher retention rate? In addition to this, 54% of the people from the same survey stated that career development is more important than salary. What does this tell us?

People don’t like to stagnate, but not all employees are fortunate enough. If your company doesn’t invest in you, it’s your own responsibility to earn that career growth. In this article, we’ll show you how to get into the company of your dreams and improve.

Use the current job as a platform

Lots of people end up feeling miserable at their current job, due to a lack of opportunities for career growth.

No matter how negative your current situation is, it’s your responsibility to make use of the current circumstances. Your current job can offer you a lot of clues, chances, and opportunities to earn the career growth you’ve been wanting.

It’s unrealistic to wait for a lucrative offer to fall from the sky. If nothing is working right now, you should expand your skill range using the resources at your current job. Here’s how:

  • Use job shadowing as the premier form of job training. Take a look at the list of your coworkers and ask someone to teach them more about their position. Do it moderately, with a few of your colleagues. After a while, you will gain valuable knowledge that might qualify you for another job.
  • Adopt more responsibilities. Oftentimes, being productive can help you stay on track and be ready in case an offer comes up.
  • Explore the internet for courses in professions and areas you find interesting. This is an even more important tip for unemployed people. Honing new skills will add even more details to your resume, making you a more qualified expert.
  • Research on different departments in your company. Pick one and ask their head to mentor you, for earning additional skills.


Have a resume prepared at all times

The truth is, preparing for interviews is much more than researching on the company that you’re going to interview with. Instead, preparation for an interview starts much, much earlier. It’s not enough to do the necessary work two days before – you have to be prepared at all times. So, how do you begin this preparation?

For starters, ready your resume. In reality, most jobs are scored when someone recommends you and send your resume to the company.

Just in case, you always have to have a resume on your Google Drive account, for such situations. How does one prepare a good resume in advance? It’s similar to preparing a CV for a purpose, but with little differences.

  • If you know multiple languages, have a resume in each of them. Although the same things will be written, having a purposely-made resume is a big plus when going on an interview with a foreign company.
  • Establish a regular update schedule. When you’re looking to get into a company and have a big career growth, an ideal interval would be once a month or every two months.
  • Have uncompleted versions ready, in case a particular company requires you to expand on certain features. For instance, if you’re jumping from a job in the economy to a marketing position, you should expand more on the marketing-related points in the resume.

Additionally, writing a good resume is hard. Therefore, you can outsource it by using professional assignment writing service and get a resume that hits the right button.

Show your best and be honest with management

Your top research papers and best dissertation impress the HR and look solid on your resume. So, whether you are a student or someone with basic experience of 1 or 2 years after college, it’s a better option to go for online services that offer custom essay papers.

When the question is of impressing the recruiters, leave no stone unturned. That one particular opportunity might be the one which will matter the most in your endeavors.

A common reason why people get stuck in a career rut is a lack of communication. Nobody is going to hand out career improvement opportunities if you don’t ask for them. Therefore, when you get into the company you desire, be honest from the start.

At the interview, emphasize your career plans and opportunities for improvement. This will give a clear sign to your future leader that you prioritize growth over money.

Also, have regular discussions with management and never be afraid to voice your displeasure about a certain point or situation. With honesty, you will only benefit and create valuable connections with people that will come to respect you.

When communicating with your CEO or manager, make a plan together. Tell that what you intend to accomplish in six months or a year. Ask them what they can do to help you.

Emphasize that your career growth will make you a better employee, benefiting the company altogether. It’s all about how you word your goals. If executed correctly, nothing will be able to stop you.

Concluding thoughts

Don’t waste time at your current position. Invest in yourself and use all the career improvement programs your company has to offer. Invest time in preparing a resume and don’t repeat the same mistakes at your new company. By being honest and open, career growth will be at your fingertips.

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  1. Yes, quite. It is not just people dissing their companies, etc, though – sometimes they have jeopardised jobs through political affiliations or through publicly discussing activities they are involved in which the business considers makes them a risk as an employee. You really have to be so careful these days, since I know a lot of employers check their staff’s social media accounts, and also prospective employers do that, if someone has applied to work for them. I for one think that kind of spying is very unethical really – what people do in their private lives is their own business. But it just shows, it is not a good idea to share very much personal information on social media, or blogging platforms.

  2. Key of this article is training and building your resume. I am currently in workers comp because of a work injury but before I got injured I thought about asking team members for a little job training of what they do in their department just to build my skill.

    Another way anyone can train and build experience is by using available free online resources as a form of training. Once you learn you can say you had training. If you try to apply what you learn outside of work then you are building experience.

    Lost my train of thought but will leave this here.

      • Hi Juan, thanks for the feedback. I don’t usually express my opinions on social media very much anyway. I have heard that people have jeopardised their jobs by doing that. But are you saying I should not write any posts for Virily here? That I should close my account down? I don’t think there is anything particularly controversial or likely to get me into trouble about anything i have posted here.

        • Share your opinions get others involved just like I am with you. Do not point fingers. Explain your opinion in a professional manner in forums, post, quotes, etc. In social media managers express their thoughts, CEO’s express their thoughts, normal employees express their thoughts, jump in the conversation.

          You might run into someone who might give better opportunities.

          • For those jeopardizing their job they must speak ill of a manager lashing out on social media (e.g. my boss sucks, this company sucks, etc.). This creates a complaining image. If you have something like that go say either say it to your boss in front of his boss, or do not work for the organization. I know most of us do not enjoy working without a great boss or when barely living but it is what is and learn just like the article implies.

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