Give it Time – 80

The top ten graduates of Law School were offered positions at Prestigious Firms. 

 Emily graduated 1st in her class so had offers from all the top Firms.  She had selected what seemed he best offer.

She had no doubt she was competent and could become an associate, and over time, a partner.  

She had entered the Firm full of hope and commitment.  However, the ‘trick’  the Seniors played, or more honestly, attempted to play on her,  was unacceptable.

She had heard how Firms would ‘abuse’ newbies.  Maybe it boosted the egos of the Seniors, maybe it was to ‘toughen’ up those recent grads.  Maybe if the ‘trick’ was a bit better done she’d have gone along.

But to demand she stay late or come in on weekends to work on an already completed and filed case was a test of her intelligence or an insult to it.

Emily never stayed late, save if she was physically involved in a case and was preparing the evidence for tomorrow or the next day.   The idea of coming in on weekends was never considered.

As Emily saw it, if she was so intelligent as to be taken on by the Firm she should be intelligent enough to recognise a trick when she saw it.

She was sorry to have joined the Firm and would have instantly left after the first week, but it would not bode well. Further, her interest had been captured by an Attorney at the Firm.


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