Give it Time – 71

Mike recalled when he first came to work here. 

Leaving Law School,  taken on as an ‘Apprentice’,  the feeling of triumph in being selected by the top Law firm soon dissipated.   He was expected to arrive early and leave late, to come in on weekends.  He was treated as if he were purchased in the market.

Mike had begun to hate his life, feeling squashed and abused by the Seniors so had  retaliated with the Friday Flu.  Once a  month he called in sick on a Friday morning and locked off the phone until Monday morning.

After the third month, Mike  had  been summoned to Mr. Galant’s office to be informed that  if he could not perform his job, he was to inform the Firm so that he could be discharged.

Mike had appreciated  he was walking on thin ice, and so, allowed his life to be eaten by the Firm.


He had bowed to the Firm, he had given up his freedom, his life to work here.  

And he regretted it.



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Written by jaylar

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