Four interesting Elon Musk facts you might not know

Well, Elon musk really doesn’t require any introduction. Counted amongst the most well-known visionaries and business leaders of the world today, Elon musk has created a brand for himself that makes most businessmen and celebrities turn green with envy. The way he has branded himself on social media is worth studying for anyone who wants to understand how digital branding works. There is an entire generation that follows every move he makes, with great attention, and tries to emulate his actions. Recently, Elon musk announced that he’s going to build Chicago Loop, a rapid underground transport system created by his company, Boring Co., which will connect downtown Chicago with O’Hare International Airport. The ambitious business mogul is constantly thinking of new ways to change people’s lives, right from the sleek electric cars built by Tesla to his plan of colonising Mars one day. Let’s take you through four very interesting Elon musk facts you might not be aware of.


Beaten black and blue when he was a kid

When Elon musk was still in school, he was so ruthlessly bullied and beaten badly to the extent that he blacked out and had to be hospitalised. On one occasion, the bully kids threw him down a staircase. He has detailed all his school-related ordeals in his book titled ‘Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future.’ To comfort him, Maye, Elon’s mother would tell him that she too used to get picked on as a child and her sister would shield her from her classmates. Elon later revealed that it’s pretty rough for kids in South Africa and one needs to go school even if he/she is being bullied.

Transformed the frat house into a business experiment involving an unofficial nightclub

Elon musk along with his classmate Adeo Ressi from University of Pennsylvania (who’s a big tech mogul himself today) started an entrepreneurial venture involving renting out of a frat house and earning handsome money off of it. It’s one of the 8 innovative ways he made money before he became a billionaire. In order to pay rent, both the college students transformed the house into a nightclub which attracted around 1000 customers. However, as Elon Musk didn’t have much interest in parties himself, he used to be often found playing videogames in his room alone.


Went broke in the process of building his empire

Even though Tesla is widely considered a jewel in the tech world today, it wasn’t always the case. The company was losing plenty of money back in 2008, with Space X already having major troubles launching a rocket. In an interview Musk had said that 2008 was the worst year of his life. By 2009, the multi billionaire CEO was living off personal loans to make ends meet.

First big entrepreneurial venture of selling a videogame at 12

Even before he got into his teens, Elon musk had sold a videogame he created known as Blastar, to a computer magazine in the year 1984, for a handsome payment of $ 500. Later in an interview, Musk revealed that it was no more than a trivial game, but definitely a better one compared to Flappy Bird (the crude yet massively popular game that was launched in 2013). So, that was it. Four Elon Musk facts that not many people are aware of. Think you know a lot about him already? Take the linked quiz and find out!


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