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Wednesday, 2.20.19

While reorganizing my computer desk work area yesterday, I noticed some brochures and information from past Global Festival events. Last year, the Global Festival location was changed to the Great Park, and I didn’t feel like going there. I used to go there when it was held in my neighborhood. Anyway, as I browsed through brochures, I noticed that I picked up various brochures from different country booths, such as Thailand, Hungary, Armenia, Africa, Palestine, etc. One brochure got my attention because it goes with my latest documentary I watched at the artist village. I have a booklet that lists Fair Trade Resource Network. It even states that “fair trade” is the “original bohemian”.

There are lots of links on this postcard, and all the business are located in the Los Angeles area. The companies that sell clothes and accessories online include Sevya, Marigold, Global Mamas/Trade for Change, Fair Indigo, Mata Traders, Maggie’s Organics, Revive Fair Trade, Indigenous Designs, prAna, Good and Fair Clothing, HAE Now, Art Aids Art, Handmade Expressions, Bead for Life, and Raven + Lily. Other companies include Ten Thousand Villages, Heavenly Treasures, Bella Cosa, and Fern’s Garden.

Many items bought from fair trade include coffee, bananas, sugar, tea, flowers, cocoa, vanilla, spices, wine, honey, rice, quinoa, olives, oil, brazil nuts, and shea butter.

Such products come from Peru, Colombia, India, Kenya, Mexico, South Africa, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Cuba, Chile, Honduras, Ecuador, Guatemala, Argentina, Tanzania, Ghana, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia.

Coffee comes from such as counties as Peru, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Mexico, other Latin America countries, Indonesia, other Asia countries, Ethiopia, and other Africa countries.

There is lots of information inside the booklet. It is interesting to read. But I think this booklet is dated 2011. So, there might be some changes since then.

(I just added a snapshot of a giftcard I got at an mall event, which I used up because I wanted to try their vegetarian dish).


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