Factors That Can Affect Your Salary Offer

One of the top questions, when you seek for a job or get a job offer, is your salary. And, of course, you have to know what factors influence the wages level. We’ve prepared a comprehensive list of the points which affect the payment.

Factors Beyond Your Influence

There are factors that you hardly can influence, but they still have an impact on the salary level. And you should take them into account especially if you are a graduate or a career changer. So, here they are:

  • Geographical location. The salary level may vary depending on the continent, country or even cities or rural areas within the country.
  • Economic conditions. It’s a key point. The richer the country’s economy is, the higher the wages you may expect.
  • Gender. We all live in the modern world where equal rights are guaranteed. But still, there is a slight possibility for women to earn less for the same position. Hopefully, that will never happen to you.
  • Industry. Your salary depends on the field you are working in. It is known that some sectors are better paid than others.
  • Demand in the labour market. The market demand influences the payment level greatly. If the number of qualified workers exceeds the needs of the market, the wages will probably be lower.
  • The company size. It is claimed that the bigger enterprise is, the higher the wages you can count on. To tell the truth, it is an arguable question. When you start working for a company – yes, that’s right, the salary level is higher in big companies comparing to small ones. But in a smaller company, it might be easier to get a pay rise.
  • An average payment range within an enterprise. Probably, you won’t be able to demand a salary much higher than the average one for the same position in a particular company. You should study companies and their pay offers in advance. For researching, visit a job site There you’ll find not only job offers but any kind of important information for seeking a wanted position and the best pay offers.

You can’t influence these factors directly. However, if you are at the beginning of your career, you should take them into consideration. And even if all the points mentioned above aren’t favorable to you, it is always possible to become a unique specialist who deserves a really high salary.

Factors Which Depend on You

Good news! There are a number of points which are up to you! And you are the one who can make them work for your dream salary. Here they come:

  • Education. The quality of your education, your degree has a great impact on your wages. Expand your education, get a higher degree and this way, you’ll increase your level of pay. Education always remains valuable.
  • Experience. Obviously, the more experienced you are, the higher the salary you may claim. Along with expanding your experience, your work reputation increases. If you are a strong professional who cares about self-development, there is no need to worry about low wages.
  • Qualification, special skills, certificates. Always! Always upgrade your knowledge! Attend courses, get certificates, diplomas. Keep gaining new knowledge even if you have 10+ years of experience. Some companies may require all that stuff. Even if they don’t, your deep knowledge is your strong point when getting a pay offer.
  • Your position in the company. Generally, managers get higher salaries than other staff members. Top managers are top earners. But, of course, if you are able to do something unique, creative and essential for the company, it will result in a proper payment.
  • Supervising. Statistic says that the more employees report to you, the higher your salary is. So, if you have experience in supervising or management – great! If not, face the challenge and try it. It really influences your pay level!
  • Shift. If you have to work in shifts and need a higher salary, take the 2nd or the 3rd shift. They are better-paid.
  • Working conditions. The tougher the working conditions are, the higher the compensation is. Make sure you are offered the proper payment for such a job.

We’ve reviewed the most important factors that affect the salary level. But there are other options which should be either taken into consideration. If an employer sees not only your high qualification but your real interest in the company, if your culture and philosophy match the company’s ones, you must be an ideal candidate with a great pay offer!


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