Exposing 5G Radiation Lockdown

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Trump Administration have dropped the WHO and CDC information, preferring to go with the actual numbers, which explains Dr. Rashid Buttar calling out Bill Gates, Fauchi, WHO, and CDC for their fake news and fake pandemic numbers. Moreover, Gates, Fauchi, WHO, and CDC all work together for the NWO agenda of depopulation control with toxic vaccines, microchipping, contamination in food and water, and other intentional means.

He adds that studies prove that if you have had the flu shot or any other toxic vaccine, you will likely show positive signs of this coronavirus thing.

It sounds like he is saying the 5G radiation has been affecting these deaths, which have nothing to do with the Coronavirus that the Zionist Elites are pushing for the New World Order agenda. (The “5G radiation” is being bleeped in the video).


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