Ever wondered why are animals picture on Kenya’s currency coin instead of Politician ?

Kenya has printed animals picture on their currency coin instead of their founder or politician. Before this three former ruler picture were printed, which include Jomo Kenyatta , Daniel arap Moi and Moi Keeba.

Kenya’s local people considered ruler picture on currency coin is personalized advertising by the rulers. On the new currency coin country’s famous wildlife images printer such as lions, elephants, and Rhinoceros.

The current president of Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta, who is the son of Kenya’s first leader Jomo Kenyatta, According to them, this is a big change and it shows how much their people have struggled. After ending the 24-year rule of Daniel arap Moi, President Kibaki, who won the election in 2002, did not fulfill his promise to not print his pictures on the currency and his picture was remain printed on the currency of Kenya.

Currency notes containing Image of Kenya founder Jomo Kenyatta are still in circulation. In 2010, the new constitution applied to the country on extreme public pressure for continuity of ¬†democracy and human rights. It was recorded in the new constitution, that no photo of any person will be printed on the currency. Instead, there will be pictures of animals known as Kenya’s identity.

Kenya’s central bank met the promise in the form of a coin and this change will be seen in the next few months on new printed currency notes. The bank says that animal selection is a proof of new and successful Kenya and it shows respect to the environment.


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  1. Well I must say I totally approve that change. We, in Canada, have some coins depicted if I remember weel a moose, a beaver etc. The animals were here first on earth way before humans and deserve as much recognition as any humans. I also totally agree with the fact that the new coins recognize the fact we must respect the environment which suffers at this present time much more than usual. Great for Kenya. I support that change wholeheartedly.

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