Event 202 Discussion

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Check out this Event 202 Videocast as they discuss Cornyflu Plandemic, Bill Gates and his tranny-looking wife, Soros and Clintons’ paid violent riots to create a race war, and Black Lives Matter. All these scripted violent attacks are created by a higher group, such as Bilderberg, Illuminati, Royals, and other satanic psychopath billionaires, trying to mind control the masses all over the world for the New World Order agenda.

Royals disappearance? The Queen is in self-isolation in Windsor Castle? Many pictures appear to be photoshopped. Prince Philip dead? It appears many of these stories are manufactured as fake news so to keep them mysteriously hiding out somewhere. I am guessing they went underground into their tunnels.

Apparently, Donald Trump has done many positive duties as president, including arresting many pedophile priests. There are more arrests coming, which includes celebrities and famous people. But Trump has also done other negative work, which has to do with building a temple for the anti-Christ in Israel.

More people are waking up during Cornyflu Plandemic.

More revelations coming about famous, well-known people…I have a feeling there are many celebrity arrests.


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