Epstein's Madam Spotted in LA Posing for NY Post

Tuesday, 8.20.19

These videos display the Zionist media treating wealthy and corrupt people as celebrities. The New York Post appears to promote her as a famous celebrity, while the other media outlets are talking about Jeffrey Epstein’s death. The Zionist Mainstream Media claims it is a suicide, while the alternative media state that Jeffrey Epstein was actually suicided because there were a lot of wealthy people involved, and they intentionally killed him off before their names will be exposed during his trial. 

Jeffrey Epstein’s Madam/ex-girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell, was seen at In & Out Burger fast food restaurant in Los Angeles, California. It appears she was being treated as a celebrity siting. Her photograph on the NY Post looks like she is posing for the newspaper by paparazzi.

RT reports on Epstein’s last days. He had some visitors. He met with a young woman for two hours at the prison’s attorney room more than his own cell.

Guislaine Maxwell was spotted in an In & Out Burger, reading a book about CIA Operatives in Los Angeles, California. The man on RT even notices she was posing for the NY Post like a celebrity or British Socialite.


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