Ensure Higher ROI with the Consolidation of Email Marketing and Instagram

Before the dominance of social media over online marketing niche, it was the email marketing that helped marketers in promoting their website, products, and services. With the establishment of social media and its rising popularity, marketers have now been provided with vast opportunities on different platforms. Whatsoever, the professionalism and authenticity of email marketing still remain active. The smart move is to integrate email marketing with one of your social media marketing campaigns.

When it comes to user engagement and reach of social media platforms, Instagram is the best channel you can find to combine your email marketing with and achieve astonishing results. With 3.7 billion email users and more than 800 million Instagram users, the consolidation of these two marketing campaigns looks promising for brand promotion and increasing online visibility.

Use Social Media like Instagram for Engagement

Email marketers can leverage the appealing features of Instagram and use the social media channel for promoting their brand efficiently. Given the enormous audience base, the platform guarantees better user engagement if you are able to market your content properly and start interesting conversations with the users. This will give you real Instagram likes and you will be able to display your brand very effectively on social media. With high user engagement, you can generate leads to your websites and convert the leads further into sales and motivate them to make a buying decision. Most importantly, Instagram along with email marketing will offer your business high exposure, which is currently the prime motive of online marketing.

Optimize Your Profile on Instagram

The main goal of using your Instagram profile for email marketing is to gain email leads. This can be done only when you optimize your profile on Instagram so that users can be compelled to provide their emails and make further transactions. In order to gather email leads via your Instagram marketing, you will need to provide an URL that will direct your users to a landing page showcasing a general signup form. Why? Because these signup forms are highly effective when it comes to processing high-quality leads that will boost your ongoing email marketing campaign.

Make the Signup Form Simple

There is no point in trying very hard for creating these signup forms that will help you in getting leads, as there are certain email marketing services that you can avail for developing customized signup forms. Make sure that users do not feel bored or lost while filling this form and leave it midway. Also, the form should be created keeping the user in mind and have enough fields to identify the profile.

Offer Incentives

To encourage your Instagram followers for signing up, it would be a great strategy to provide them with an incentive first. The incentives can range from anything to everything including promo codes, discounts, and free entries to particular contests.


Combining your Instagram and email marketing can do exceptional wonders for your online business. Finally, when you are able to get complete signup forms, gratify your users with valuable content and offer them the information they were seeking for.


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