Don`t Allow Education To Hold You Back

There has always been one thing that irked me and that is people assuming you have to have a super education to succeed in life or you will do noting but be the labor on the job, the go for or answer the phone.

Well, for everyone`s information you have to put in labor, hard or easy, to make any job work. Whether you are CEO or the lowest job in the building, whether you work with computers or build houses, you are doing a form of labor.

Most people also assume that everyone that is successful graduated from high school and went to college.


Here is a list of billionaires who were high school drop outs. Did you miss the “billion part?”

1- Joe Lewis – 5.3 billion

2 – Carl Lindner Jr. – 1.7 billion

3 –  Richard Branson – 5 billion

4 – David H. Murdock – 3 billion

5 – Francois Pinault –  13 billion

6 – Kirk Kerkorain – 4 billion

7 – Amancio Ortega – 74 billion

8- Henry Ford – 199 billion

9 – John D. Rockefeller – 340 billion

Although Rockefeller did get some education think back to those times. Schooling was a little math, spelling and reading. To learn more click here : Billionaires who did not graduate high school

Okay so those fellers are some we have heard of but not that popular in most of out social  conversations, so how about these ladies and gentlemen? This list has a total of 34 people that I am sure you have heard of, for the complete list click here : 34 high school drop outs

This list has names like Johnny Depp to Quentin Tarantino!

Now that`s cleared up. I want to know why its in peoples minds that they cannot get a better job or why they hold back from applying for a position that is higher up in the company?

Why do you stay in one state of the USA when there is opportunity in the next state over?

Why not start up that business that you have always wanted to own and run?

I know! I have heard it about the money thing! Click here for more on that : Never a good time  and  Dream it do it

Bills, bills and more bills! Those bills will be there no matter what, they are for sure as dirty dishes and dirty laundry, I am not kidding. Send those bill collectors $1.00 payments, they must accept, so what if it takes 500 years to pay, you are paying that old hospital bill.

Life is how you look at things.

1 – Always be happy for others achievements, its natural to be jealous, even a little, but being happy for them sends a message back to your brain and that is “if they can do I can!”

2 – Help others but help yourself first. I have even seen this on the cooking show “Chopped” that one person that shares or helps out their competitor usually gets chopped. Why? they took away from what was needed to make their own a success. Get yours accomplished first then you have more than enough to share.

3 – If you fail the first time try again, not using the same method. Think about what went wrong, what words you said that may have put someone off, or your body language. Never sit with your arms crossed!  Relaxed but not slouchy and hands in your lap, palms up!

4 – Everyday will not be a good day, You may own a business but not sell or get any calls all day. Well, that is life! When I ran the roofing company sometimes it was a month before anyone called, so what to do? Get out and ask. Beat on those doors and ask for work! Sitting idle will only cause you to lose weight, from starving because you are waiting on others to come to you.


I am saying no matter what education level you have, there is work, there are companies that need people, there are companies in your head to be created.

Just get up and do it.

Trust me its doable even for this high school drop out!  click here for more : Sunshine`s Homestead Creations

By Andria Perry

Photos Pixabay


What do you think?

Written by Andria Perry