Demotivation – 6 (conclusion)

It is vital that anyone in charge of any organisation, be it a factory, an office, a club, a congregation put it on the agenda to encourage those who belong.

Whether it is a clerk or an accountant, a lawyer or a labourer, whether it is a new member of the group, making them feel welcome and interested, is vital. Whether giving time off, bonuses, listening, being polite, taking an interest, whatever is possible. Every member, be it of a business, club, religious organisation, must feel needed and prized.

When they don’t feel valued, they become demotivated. When they feel abused and disrespected, they become demotivated and act on it.

Whether they walk off the job, leaving everything to ruin, whether they stop attending meetings, once a person feels that no one cares, they withdraw.

It is virtually impossible to motivate a person once she or he has reached that level of ‘Don’t Care.’ For them, the company going out of business or the organisation collapsing is a shrug.

This wasn’t how they felt when they walked in, it is how they feel when they walk out.


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