Catching Karma – 3

Marie went to work, stayed late, ate out, and did not go home until the restaurant closed. She went to bed and lay thinking about what she would do tomorrow at work, and was able to fall asleep.

She woke later than usual and forced herself to slow down. Shower, eat, dress.

She spent the first hour at the office on ‘catch up’ then began the day’s work. Again she stayed late. She didn’t feel like eating out, in fact she didn’t feel like eating.  She forced herself to have a small meal when she reached home.

Then lay in bed, and the tears started. She let herself cry to sleep.

She woke in the morning feeling stressed and decided to do some yoga. She didn’t really recall what moves and when, and decided to continue for fifteen minutes, then eat, shower and dress. She set herself the task to do a search online when she came home for a yoga program.

She reached the office and worked past her usual leaving time, then got some takeaways, and went home, and while she ate, did her searches.

She went to bed and in the morning, used the loo, then the yoga programme.  After completion she ate, showered and went to work.

She had again arrived later than usual and left later than usual, and decided to create her own new pattern.

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